Charleston is a charming and quaint city on the Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. Founded by the British in 1670, Charleston has been the epicenter for many historic American battles in both the Revolutionary and American Civil Wars. The combination of waterfront views and vibes as well as old, cobblestone streets and charming buildings make this city great for couples looking for a romantic getaway or a family looking for a relaxing vacation. Originally named “Charles Town” after King Charles II, The city’s first colonists were Englishmen from Barbados. Until 1788, Charles Town was the capital of the Carolina Colony, eventually passing the baton of capital status to modern South Carolina Capital, Columbia. Charleston in its early days was commonly attacked by land and sea by Native Americans, the French, the Spanish and even the infamous “Blackbeard.” It has seen its days of chaos, but is now a settled and tranquil city.


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